• Make Your Card Invisible to
    Data Thieves
    "RFID-enabled credit card data can be easily,
    cheaply and undetectably stolen!"
    Andy Greenberg, Forbes
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  • Credit Card Protector Sleeve
    by SefCard
    Multilayer RFID Blocking Technology Prevents Electronic
    Identification Theft. Now you can finally prevent
    identity thefts and digital pickpocketing for good!
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    Price: 24.90$ Sale: 12.90$

"RFID-enabled credit card data can be undetectably stolen and
used for fraudulent transactions"

states Andy Greenberg of Forbes

RFID Pickpocketing

You Might be In Danger

Pull out your credit card and flip it over. If the back is marked with the words “PayPass,” “Blink,” or a triangle that serves as the universal symbol for wireless data  - you might be in danger.

Those cards use a tiny computer chip and a radio antenna to transmit account information from your card—even when you’re not shopping. The information communicated from your card to a card reader can be enough to create a counterfeit card that can be successfully used to make an unauthorized purchase.

By choosing SefCard, you can finally prevent identity thefts and digital pickpocketing for good. The sleeves employ a new multilayer technology that blocks RFID signals, thus ensuring that pickpockets will never steal your credit card data.

The top-load insert is very convenient and keeps your cards within easy reach, so you’ll never be struggling to get them. Each sleeve has its own unique design for easy differentiation and recognition of your credit cards, and they will conveniently slide in and out of your wallet

- Reasons To Buy SefCard Credit Card Protective Sleeve -


Our efficient credit card sleeves have been thoroughly designed after a long process during which we’ve consistently got a lot of customer feedback, hence ensuring that each of your needs will be professionally fulfilled.


Probably one of the most convenient aspects about the SefCard credit card sleeve is the top load design, which makes it super easy to slide cards in and out of the pockets. No more struggling to get your credit cards inside or outside wallet card slots.


According to Forbes, “RFID-enabled credit card data can be easily, cheaply, and undetectably stolen and used for fraudulent transactions.” With SefCard, you can prevent identity theft and virtual pickpocketing for good!


Each SefCard Credit Card Sleeve has a unique design that allows you to easily differentiate and recognize a particular credit card. Plus, each design is unique and very elegant, featuring beautiful details that make it stand out.


Not fully satisfied with your purchase? No worries, we’ll refund you – simple as that! Did you know that we’re also offering an eBook on identity theft along with the sleeves, FREE of charge? Learn how digital pickpocketing works!

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